""Going Home', a remarkable nine-cut debut..highlights Hardison's breathy, yearning vocals...her voice is soulful and distinctive. her songs seem to be universal in theme and feel." Middlesex News


"Her music evokes feelings of warmth and comfort..can't get enough of..touches your soul..down-to-earth, soothing, yet strong vocals and songs of bluesy overtones...passionate relaying of the tunes and grounded, real presence...good autumn release." Debbie Catalano - Northeast Performer-Recording Review


"Singer Songwriter Agona hardison's future looks bright...thanks to her recent signing with a high-powered management team which could propel her into the big time....Poised on the brink of fame...although she may not be famous today she is on the fast track to becoming just that." The Stow Villager "


Agona Hardison's voice and music have a wonderful way of leaving you with a warm, pleasant feeling in your soul. She writes good songs, sings beautifully and has a presence-she deserves to get noticed." New England Performer Magazine


"Remember the name:Agona album filled with beguiling melodies...smoothly affecting voice that you don't soon forget. There's also a lyrical depth and consciousness that suggests she will be around a while." Steve Morse - The Boston Globe "


..truly one of the most sensational fusers of modern pop styles ever to emerge on the American music scene. She's a little bit rock, a little bit country, a little bit blues and a whole lot of musical magic!" American Independant Artists


"Lead Singer, AGONA HARDISON put the audience under her spell, while exuding sexual vitality, soulful intelligence and just the right amount of stage swagger...Their exhilarating blend of harmonies and charismatic stage presence made the night magical for those who stood in aisles, atop chairs and in doorways just to get a glimpse...Destined for the big-time soon." "New York Good Times Magazine"


"...made a big splash at the Lilith Fair Music festival...just released CD "Snapshot" is marked by outstanding vocal harmonies and guitar work...." NY York Post


"Agona's voice is powerful, yet wispy and is extremely pleasing to the ear...There's no reason why we couldn't be watching her on the Letterman Show some night..." Metronome Magazine


"After appearing on "The Today Show" and playing on the Lilith circuit...headed for a major record deal..Antigone Rising does something that makes them exceptional..all play instruments..rare female band capable of pushing through lyrically...musically all at once...much more impressive live..perform with a tour de force that most bands could only hope to achieve." Album review - UniverCity, NY, NY


"Agona Hardison is making it as a singer, and to prove it she will celebrate the release of her new album at the House of Blues..." Shelburne falls and West County News


"Women rock hard and they do it with feeling and taste-these ladies of melody certainly set out to prove that evening filled with solid, sultry sounds...sure to progress further in this Diva Rock Land" Long Island Sounds-Lilith Fair Review (Agona & Antigone Rising)


"Nine well crafted songs frame this impressive debut from Massachusetts native Agona Hardison." The Boston Phoenix "...with Agona's high powered vocal range that soared over the hard folk riffs...Her confidence was way up and she melded right into the bright future of this band." Derek Beres - The Aquarian Weekly, NY NY


"Agona has a sweet bluesy voice that soars above her rootsy blues-country band." The Middle East Monthly